About us

Every one of us at some point as a child pictured ourselves in the shoes of our heroes. From Iron-man and Black Widow, to Batman and Wonder Woman, they inspired us to be more and never stop at whatever obstacles life may throw at us. We want to bring them to life! That's why we only settled to offer collectible statues of these heroes from the best studios in the world to grace your home and re ignite those joyful and inspiring memories!

Do you remember the laughs with good friends shared over an awesome board game or a video gaming night? These are memories we hold dear, the moments that grow relationships and that we'll remember with friends and family forever. I want to see that kind of community again.

The Bunker exists because of this vision. We will continue to bring your childhood super heroes to life, those laughs over board and card games and the joy of experiencing the adventure of a video game as long as we can.

We aspire to inspire. We know that quality time with family and friend's as well as some plain old fashioned fun is important, so here we are, ready to keep it going!

Never stop playing.

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