Statue and Figure Collecting 101: Choosing a Theme

By Alex · Feb 12, 2022
Statue and Figure Collecting 101: Choosing a Theme picture

Every great collection on earth started somewhere. Whether it was by pure coincidence, by seeing that one piece in a store you just absolutely had to get or something that was gifted to you by a loved one. Something started that spark in you. 

Before you actually start collecting, there are quite a few points you'll need to consider. In this article we're going to talk about WHAT you want to collect, or in other words, what theme would you like to represent in your collection and what direction would you like it to go in? 

There are so many different themes out there to collect and explore! DC, Marvel, Pop culture, cinema, anime, video games and many more. You can even break those down further into individual characters or even alternative versions of those characters from different universes or timelines. For example, maybe you'll only collect Superman from the DC universe or perhaps you only want characters from the Star Wars Mandalorian series. That being said, the world of figure and statue collecting is vast and can come across as intimidating if you don't know where or how to start your collection. 

What do you love? What character or genre gives you goosebumps or has inspired you? What movie, game or comic is on the top of your list? Whatever it is, start there. 

If you don't want to do the whole theme thing and just prefer to collect whatever you want, then by all means go nuts, but deciding on a certain theme and sticking to it will help focus your collection and make it much easier to control and display what you have once your collection has grown to a substantial size. 

Whatever theme you decide to go with, just remember that collecting is for your enjoyment and your collection also represents your passions and interests. Not only that, but your collection also shows your uniqueness as an individual as no collection will ever be the same. Don't let anyone undermine that or sway you from what you love.


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