The best collection in the world...

By Alex Miles · Feb 6, 2022
The best collection in the world... picture

Is yours. 

And you better believe it. Whether you collect figures, stamps, coins, watches, statues or even have a weird thing for used celebrity tissues, you have the best collection in the world. Why? Because it's yours, and you worked hard for every single piece. 

I've seen and heard of way too many collectors who feel ashamed of their collections or are too scared to share them right after the guy with Bruce Wayne's budget just posted his collection of Star Wars props that look like a genie resembling George Lucas sneezed all over his lounge. 

But I'm here to tell you that you need to stop comparing your collection to that of someone else's. Being in the collector's community I've found and felt nothing but love and joy from a bunch of people that are just nerds at heart. I've seen the legend collectors support and wow at the small Funko Pop collectors set up and at the tiny little corner of legos kept because it reminds someone of time spent with their children. 

We've all seen those crazy collections from all over the world and have drooled over the illustrious pieces we've seen on display in the homes, man caves and the basements of dudes that probably even have their very own ATMs in there as well. Let's face it, collecting is NOT the cheapest of hobbies and we've probably all heard the famous "people actually buy that?“ line. But who cares, it's not about them! It's about what makes YOU happy. 

Ask yourself, why did you start collecting? Does it excite you and bring you joy, is it for the bragging rights or does it simply remind you of better times and memories with loved ones? Let's share in each other's joy because no collection on earth is the same. 

Let's make a community, not a competition.



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