Terms and Conditions

No goods will be accepted on return after 7 days after purchase, delivery or collection unless notified and arranged prior to the 7 day deadline from date of purchase, delivery or collection.

No goods will be returned or exchanged without proof of purchase.

All Delivery Lead Times are estimates only as we cannot control the actions or delays of any independent courier services or suppliers

Goods will only be exchanged / refunded if the goods are in their original condition. This policy does not apply to second hand goods

Faulty / Damaged Games will only be exchanged for the exact same game and only if it is available. If it is not available credit or a refund may be applicable. 

Shipping is entirely at the customer's own risk. Although we take great care in preparing our items and packaging for shipment. We cannot be held liable for any third parties involved (i.e. independent courier services), Acts of God and / or Courier Hijackings

Please note that Pre Order items will only be available at launch. This date will be stipulated above or on our website and/or Facebook page.

A non refundable deposit is required by the stipulated date for all Pre Order Statues

Payments are to be made every consecutive month as agreed for all Statue Pre Orders after deposit is paid

Items will only be delivered / handed over after final payment is made.

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